OBD Tuning

On Board Diagnostic Tuning

Performance Stage 1

Increase BHP and Torque.

Economy Tuning

Save Pounds on Fuel.

EGR Delete

Exhaust Gas Recirculation Removal.

DPF Delete

Diesel Particulate Filter Removal.

Ad Blue Delete

Removal of Ad Blue Software.

Pop & Bang

Pop and Bang Crackles From Exhaust.

Lambda Delete

Removal of Lambda Sensor.

Start Stop Removal

Switch Off Stop/Start on Vehicle.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Checking All Vehicle Warning Lights.

DPF Forced Regeneration

Carrying Out Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration, With Diagnostic Tool and Carbon Clean.

Hydrogen Engine Carbon Clean

Removal of Carbon Build Up, From Engine. Will Increase BHP, and Run A Lot Smoother.

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